720 Miles of Music and back again – The Perfect Road Trip Musical Experience

When taking an extended driving tour, keeping yourself sane with music is a must. Let's learn how to build the perfect playlist on the...
waxing poetic

Waxing Poetic

Paw discovers his long lost stack of 45s from his childhood. Let's wax nostalgic.

Danse Farm Radio: Alphabetical Orderings Section H

Here we go again with another highly organized, happenin' hootenanny.
sleepgin header

Sleeping with Music

When insomnia and music addiction collide. Often painfully.

Full Circle on Spotify!

So I found Spotify.

Danse Farm Radio Volume LXXIX: Alphabetical Orderings Section G

Today we grabbed a few tracks from the G section of our collection, even though the kids had a slight hiccup when trying to...

Full Circle: The complete sessions

In anticipation of the series' likely re-birth, Full Circle chronicles my personal musical journey from birth to present day.

Danse Farm Radio: Alphabetical Orderings Section F

On this episode, AR/KVB got up close and personal with one of his favorite letters... F.
zik header

The Parrot Zik: A study in impracticality.

The best headphones you'll be too embarrassed to wear in public.
Weekly Dump grid 100114

The Weekly Dump (October 1st, 2014)

Kawehi makes amazing music, Grado continues to handmake awesome headphones, and Deus Ex is populated by spasming automatons.