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The Weekly Dump (July 22nd 2014)

This week: Sia disappoints us, cyborg ears, and remembering a time when Peter Molyneux wasn't as insane.
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Let’s Play! Quest for Glory 2: Trial By Fire

Well a lot happened on the long, long, boring magic carpet ride from Spielburg to Shapier. How will Sneakyfeet rob blind a town who...

Quoting Classical Music in Pop Songs

Classical music inspired many a rock band believe it or not. Oh and sometimes "inspired" means "plagiarism".

Danse Farm Radio Volume XCVI: A Dispatch From The Deep

Our exploration of the sea may have reached its end, but we've shouldered from the depths a myriad of messages, musings, and mystery.
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The Weekly Dump (July 14 2014)

The first in a weekly series of everything worth knowing about in the history of everything.

Music Movies: Dick Tracy

Not a musical? Tell that to Madonna and Stephen Sondheim

Animaniacs – Les Miseranimals (A Music Movies Shorty)

The Animaniacs ability to condense Les Miserable into 10 minutes is impressive enough.
James Cagney

A Yankee Doodle Do-or-Die…

Rachel's peer into patriotic musical ephemera rolls on with a feather in her cap.

Danse Farm Radio Volume XCV: Hand Of Tides

Emotional destitution spawned this week's auricular journey, and the results rise and fall like the swelling of the seas.

Music Movies: Mamma Mia!

An utterly ABBA-ismal experience.