Full Circle: The complete sessions

In anticipation of the series' likely re-birth, Full Circle chronicles my personal musical journey from birth to present day.

Danse Farm Radio: Alphabetical Orderings Section F

On this episode, AR/KVB got up close and personal with one of his favorite letters... F.
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The Parrot Zik: A study in impracticality.

The best headphones you'll be too embarrassed to wear in public.
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The Weekly Dump (October 1st, 2014)

Kawehi makes amazing music, Grado continues to handmake awesome headphones, and Deus Ex is populated by spasming automatons.

Danse Farm Radio: Alphabetical Orderings Section E

On this episode of DFR, we examine the elegance and ear-appeal of the letter E.

Music Movies: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

The happiest musical about mass abduction ever made.
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Whilst Paw adjusts to life with a new baby, we take this opportunity to look back on over 3 years of his screwing up...

Danse Farm Radio: Alphabetical Orderings Section D

Back with another Alphabetical Ordering, Volume LXXIV takes a fairly close look at the letter D. And, there really isn't much else to say...
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Amadeus & Immortal Beloved

Should we scorn these movies because the facts are wrong? The Mistress of Music guides us through the wonderland of historical accuracy.
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One Grey day in Manhattan: The Baby Story

Even when the best laid plans go awry, the results can still be amazing.